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Sycamore Capital has partnered with Superior Health Specialties to join them in building and developing their regenerative stem cell wound care technology business.


We will be rolling out a new medical device business named SycamoreSHS (which stands for Sycamore Superior Health Specialties) in order to perpetuate the Sycamore brand.


This new focus will also facilitate the launch and development of a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (see below), for the mid to long term, with a focus of acquiring assets in the medical/biotechnology arena. 

Regenerative Stem Cell Product

We're extremely excited about our core product. We have a new, regenerative stem cell wound care product that's Medicare approved and compliant, as well as approved by most insurance companies for diabetic and chronic wound care.


It's a 12-week, 10-treatment process generating - on average - $10K to $60K per patient, depending on the size of the graft. As you can clearly see, these are major surgery level revenues generated by using an average sized 4cm X 8cm wound care graft.


There’s no limit on patients, we'll give you a net-60 line of credit, and we'll even help train your staff for quick ramp up.


You’ll spend little to no money out of pocket (only for dressing supplies), you’ll have company-provided billing support and, of course, you'll generate dramatically more revenues for your practice.


To get started, simply call or email us for more details and to be put on the Zoom meeting schedule (see contact info below).

In short, we provide a way to help qualified wound care providers generate dramatically more revenues per patient through their wound care best practices on diabetic, venous, and pressure type wounds. 

Qualified wound care providers are as follows:

  • General Physicians

  • Nurse Practitioners 

  • Hospice Physicians

  • Nursing Home Physicians

  • Physician Assistants

  • Podiatrists 

  • Registered Nurses

  • Dermatologists

  • Vascular Surgeons 

  • Diabetic Specialists

  • Assisted Living Center Physicians

  • Qualified Wound Care Specialists

  • Physical Therapists

As you already know, this business model itself is not new and has been proven as highly profitable and reliable. The core product of this new business/revenue stream is based on the latest cutting-edge, moral and safe stem cell technologies

Special Purpose Acquisition Company

Sycamore Capital has mid to long-term plans of creating a SPAC/Holding Company dealing in cutting-edge and emerging medical products and technologies. Stay tuned for more information which will include investing details.

To learn more, please call or email us to schedule a brief, introductory Zoom meeting. We look forward to hearing from you.

Reggie Sanchez

(469) 818-8235

Scott Sanchez

(214) 212-2640

Need more details? Contact us

Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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